The mobile cash register system specially designed for events!

A calculation module including hardware that makes ordering and payment faster, more efficient, but above all easier! Make your event future-proof and compliant with Single Use Plastic legislation with Whizz-kit!

Avoid calculation errors with Whizz-kit

We have integrated the return system into our cash register system, which helps you prevent calculation errors.

Simple and fast startup

Start within 24 hours if you provide all information correctly. Contact us today!

Whizz-kit works completely offline

Whizz-kit is independent of the internet. However, it is possible to gain insight into the data during your event.

Receive detailed sales reporting

Gain insight into sales per bar, per employee, or per hour with our detailed sales reporting.

Pay with coins & recycle tokens

Whizz-kit is specially designed to support coin and return systems.

Wireless for multi-day use

Whizz-kit works completely wirelessly and lasts for days without needing to be charged.


Pay with coins & recycle tokens

Whizz-kit is an advanced system in the back office, but developed for the work floor. The technology and development are designed so that everyone can work with it.

Whizz-kit works completely offline

Whizz-kit is designed to allow each device to be used offline. This means that sales cannot be disrupted in any way. The sales data from each device is stored and can be read during and after each event, ensuring that all information on product sales, coin and deposit transactions is recorded per event, per bar and even per employee.


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